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QLD 4210
Arts & Culture

The Issue

Racism, lack compassion and and lack of togetherness in our comunity.

We also feel all these trees we see get removed each day to make way for new estates is an issue. We love that people want to live in our comunity but feel that the environment shouldn't suffer from it.

The Response

We believe that our music can help rid racism from our community and bring about compassion and a sense of belonging to each individual in our community. We do not wish to make profit from what we want to do but of course it would be hard without money. Thus with the aid of the Propeller Project, we will be able to host park gatherings on the weekends where anyone can come for a BBQ and some music; we can organise local band acts as well. During these gatherings we will raise awareness of the suffering of our environment and hope to gain donations to go towards buying and planting new flora.

Created by Mark