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NT 870

The Issue

Honestly, i'm coming from one community to another. My name is Ryan and i've been travelling for a couple of years and recently in the last 8 months been strongly working with the youth, foster kids from create foundation and the Bundjalung kids from the bundjalung nation. I've just got back from Indonesia from raising money and donated guitars for the youth in prison, and ended up doing workshops with the youth teaching them didgeridoo, songs, guitar and listening to the songs that they've made. I started a project called Keepers of the Earth where I got donated a heap of guitars and went out to an indigenous community, gave them away, wrote music, and was just present with the kids for two months and this changed my life and made my passion with the youth stronger. Now that i'm back I want to do the same thing out in alice springs but now I have recording gear and a camera.


The Response

I plan to just be present with the youth give out some guitars to who it's calling to, learn from their culture, write some songs, record and film. Music is an amazing way for expression, i've seen kids tap into spaces into their heart that brings the biggest smiles so genuine. It gives them freedom, inspiration and belief within themselves and if I can solidify the songs they write with acknowledgement and hopefully recording then I feel these kids will be shining brighter then ever.


Created by Ryan