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VIC 3068
Gender & Sexuality

The Issue

The issue our project addresses is the harm caused by sexist language and the objectification of young women's bodies in secondary schools.

The Response

Well, we've already designed a pretty amazing advertising campaign. The image above is of one of the posters we created - it addresses the everyday use of the word 'slut' and features one of the members of our Feminist Collective class at school. We intend to distribute these posters to interested secondary schools in Australia.

Once we'd created the campaign, we realised it would be much more powerful if we could teach teenagers about the issues, rather than letting our posters 'fade away' after a few weeks. To help us do that, we'd like to create a teaching resource to accompany the campaign into schools.

A propeller video could be one of the resources that we included in the pack.

Created by Lavinia