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VIC 3071
Arts & Culture

The Issue

The problem that Courage to be Reel is addressing is the isolation many young people feel when it comes to fully sharing themselves and what they are passionate about with the world, out of fear of how it will be received by others. Many young people experience extreme anxiety and fear when it comes to making important decisions and choices in their lives, such as who and how to tell friends and family that you're gay, what uni course to study, where to live, and too often our society will label those feelings depression, or make feelings into a problem to be medicated, rather than encouraging and supporting people to feel their feelings and celebrate who they are. Feelings are important and can be motivators to act. Courage to be Reel seeks to inspire connection and compassion between people and to encourage others, particularly young people, to appreciate their unique value!!

The Response

I am going to interview 30 young people under 30 on the topic of courage, generate an audio sound scape of their experiences, take a series of REAL photographs without editing or touching up and have each of my participants draw or paint a visual representation of what their inner worlds feel and look like! I want to create a new definition of what it means to be courageous and inspire young people to value and celebrate their own unique gifts!!

Created by Jess