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NSW 2101

The Issue

Since the original Young People Without Borders (which gave the ability for young changemakers to blog) was transformed into the current FYA site. There has been a void, no place for young changemakers to blog about how they are changing the world; whether that is volunteering, campaigning or just have something to say. Young changemakers turn to facebook or other social media sites to blog about what they are doing or care about but they are easily ignored.

The Response

My new website 'CONNECT' or Connecting Changemakers (I am still exploring options for a name) will connect young changemakers, they will have the ability to create a profile, follow other changemakers, give them an opportunity to blog about what they are doing to change and help the world and see what others doing across the nation. Eliminating the problem of people just ignoring us. Most of all this will connect young changemakers.

Created by Georgia