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VIC 3058
Technology & Innovation

The Issue

Lots of people including families in the community do not posses the funds required to purchase PCs that are required for everything these days. This includes people who are at school (completing school or returning), people who have disabilities and other people who can not afford them. Currently, I use a page on Facebook, where I ask for donations of computers and computer related parts. Once I collect enough parts or complete systems, I clean them up and image them with an operating system containing programs such as Microsoft Office. Once ready to be donated, I post on the Facebook page and offer the PC to someone who could benefit from owning a PC. Usually, to select a recipient, I ask for people to tell me about their current situation and add them all to a list - of which I draw a couple of days later.

The Response

What I would like to do is to have more donations of PCs and parts to be going in, so I can help many more families and individuals out. I also want to reach out to more of the community, who of which may not have access to Facebook or word-of-mouth.

With funding, I would use it for advertising of donations (both incoming and outgoing) around the community. I would also use the funding for resources, such as internet access (which I currently use a mobile hotspot for) to update the OS images with latest updates and programs. Money could also go to other things such as cleaning supplies and some parts that may not be donated by people.

Created by Thomas