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WA 6055
Arts & Culture

The Issue

I have chosen to address poverty/homelessness in my community, which will hopefully transfer to a wider audience. The fact that people who are unemployed or struggling are almost ignored by the youth in my community is sad; eyes need to be opened and a change needs to be made.

The Response

The first thing I can do to help in my community, is to spread the word to kids my age. I have chosen to do this through dance, as it is easier to appeal to teenagers through dance compared to an infomercial. If I do end up raising any money at all, I will donate it to organizations that target homelessness, hopefully playing a tiny part in solving this problem many cities have.

Dance is more than a form of entertainment. It's an art form, a language of its own. Stories and emotions can be expressed with a sequence of movements, language isn't needed and words aren't confused and mixed up. For years now, my dream has been to change the world through dance. Not only will I be starting to life my dream through this project, I'll also be helping lives here in Australia.

Created by Eloise