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VIC 3630
Gender & Sexuality

The Issue

The project aims to tackle gender equality by introducing positive local role models who are unconventional and inspiring for young women. The AllWomen Campaign aims to provide opportunities for women of all ages living, working and/or studying in Greater Shepparton (GS) to connect. The campaign aims to strengthen community connections and encourage women to plan and lead social change in GS. The AllWomen Campaign will support women to consider and discuss local issues including; cultural discrimination, gender equality, human rights and celebrating diversity, our bodies, our opportunities and potential. This aims to encourage young women to feel comfortable in addressing and speaking out on issues that concern them. AllWomen will increase community awareness of Word and Mouth Ltd projects and support that is available for young people in GS.

The Response

Fifteen female high school students from three schools will work with a young female project coordinator to implement a place-based campaign highlighting local female role models. They will manage the production of a video; a photography competition; and a community event celebrating International Women's Day 2015.This will encourage and empower young women to realise their potential and celebrate the contribution of women in the broader community.

Team 1: Will focus on organising and implementing an AllWomen photography competition that will be open to all young women aged 12-25 years in GS. The competition will involve participants submitting the name, age, occupation of an inspirational and unconventional local woman, along with a photograph and short quote that best captures her spirit and personality.

Team 2: Will focus on developing a social media AllWomen Campaign. The team will be responsible for promoting the AllWomen Campaign in GS via social media, hash tags, newspapers and school presentations. Team 2 will develop a short film about AllWomen that will be accessible via Youtube and current AllWomen social media networks.

Team 3: Will be responsible for organising a free community event open to all women of the Goulburn Valley, held in Shepparton on the 8th of March 2015 (International Women's Day). The event will display the winning photographs of inspiring and unconventional women and focus on empowering women to feed their soul, love their bodies and recognise their potential to create positive social change and be whoever they want to be.

Capacity: W&M volunteer Jean Young who is a local young person in GS will coordinate the project. W& M employees, committee members and other interested young people will support Jean. Each school will provide a teacher who will support the young women during school hours.

Project image Created by Jean