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NSW 2200
Education & Careers

The Story

Sometimes all it takes to improve a situation, is for the two groups involved to understand each other.

Some of the students of Condell Park High School decided they wanted to make an active contribution to their school's curriculum and the way their days were structured. So they took the idea of a SRC (Student Representative Council) and turned it on its head.

The Condell Park Steering Committee does more than just get together and chat about the changes they want to make to the school community. The students spent time with teachers, learnt how to conduct solid research, and turned to their peers to find out how to best make things happen.

In 2013, the Condell Park Steering Committee, along with some ally teachers, cast a critical eye over the proposed National Curriculum. The team asked some hard questions like; what would it look like if students and teachers worked more closely together? The answers surprised everyone.

The Steering Committee has become popular amongst students of many different ages, genders, ethnicities and backgrounds. Last year more than 100 people applied to be a part of the action. No more nerds with notebooks, this was democracy.

Change the way student voice is heard in your school.

Helpful Stuff

  • Get in touch/create a student group of young people passionate about issues in the school
  • Speak to teachers about what you want to achieve. It might be a school veggie patch, more free study periods in the library or a group excursion to a museum
  • Explore what sort of SRC exists in your school already, how it works and how students and teachers working together can be improved
  • Have your voice heard about your education by launching a Student Shout Out campaign
  • Need some funding? Apply for Propeller funding

Thank You

  • Kadek Arya-Pinatyh and Condell Park High School