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Mental & Physical Health

The Story

Suicide is the leading cause of death amongst young Australians and it can be up to five times higher within indigenous communities. Suicide is a complex topic that affects everyone differently, but Will believes there are simple ways to prevent things from going too far.

After he saw his mate suffering from depression; after he saw the negative thoughts and feelings taking over his friend's life, Will decided to take action.

He got involved with R U OK? as part of the National Indigenous Youth Leadership Academy; and now spreads the word, through his team's Community Conversations campaign, that sometimes something as simple as a meaningful conversation can save a life.

Community Conversations encourages people to ask their mates how they're doing, and to listen when they answer. The idea behind the campaign is that you take an RUOK? badge and offer it to a friend when you ask them if they're OK. They then pass it onto the next member of the community, when they sense they're in need.

It brings the community together and creates a safety net that stops people falling through the cracks into more severe depression.

Community Conversations shows that there's more support out there than you think. It teaches us to turn to our communities when we need them and, ask for help. It reminds us that we're never alone.It reminds us that we're never alone.

Ask the question. Start the conversation.

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