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SA 5603

The Story

Arno Bay has a population of just 220 people. Dayna has lived there her whole life and says she's probably related to half the people in town. Dayna's proud to be a young woman from the country but there was one thing about life in Arno Bay that wasn't sitting right with her.

At first Dayna wanted to tackle the homophobia she saw in her community. Soon though, she realised that it's not just sexuality that can make people feel excluded; that with our vast gamete of different genders, sexualities, colours, sizes, interests and personalities, there's something in all of us that can sometimes make us feel like we don't belong.

The flip side was to celebrate these differences. Celebrate her neighbour's controversial taste in music, her best friend's outrageous hair cut, her teacher's stamp collection. Celebrate people for who they are, no exceptions.

Dayna held a 'Breaking down the door day' that saw just about every single member of the tight-knit Arno Bay community come together to forget stereotypes and celebrate the quirks.

Celebrate difference. Bust stereotypes. Bring your community together.

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