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The Story

Often it's not as hard as it might seem to be inclusive of people with special needs; often all it takes is to do what you love and ask people to come along for the ride with you, regardless of who they are.

That's what Ali did when she started dance classes with her organisation Bust a Move.

Bust a Move promotes positive body movement and self-expression for everyone, including young people with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Ali saw that there were too many programs for young people with a disability that focused too much energy on what these young people didn't have, rather than what they did have; what they couldn't do rather than what they could. She didn't want to see young people with disabilities performing only at designated, particular events. She wanted mainstream.

Ali's students say that sometimes she's tough and can be a little difficult to please but that the growth and fun is worth it.

There are certain things that tie us all together. And deep down, everyone loves to Bust a Move.

Do what you love. Include everyone.

Helpful Stuff

  • If you're already running something/whatever you do, look for ways to include people you haven't included before
  • ourcommunity.com.au has tips for making sure your groups are inclusive
  • Connect with local disability organisations and offer your talents and skills
  • Need some funding? Apply for Propeller funding
  • Bust A Move Dance

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