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Arts & Culture

The Story

From the outside it might look a bit dorky for a teenager to be into poetry. It might seem a bit quiet and gentle, a bit soft to always be talking, reading and writing about your feelings and other peoples'. It might not be cool to share that stuff with the people around you.

But Sam did it anyway. And it kinda paid off.

Sam fell for words, and more importantly the reactions they can get you, when he went to his first poetry slam a couple of years ago. From then on, it was part of him.

Sam wanted people to know that poetry isn't dead. That young people aren't apathetic. That they care about something.

So he and his English teacher and fellow poet, Hannah Monagle, set up Pipe Up, a poetry slam for young people in the Macedon Ranges. They also started Youngblood Poets, an online community for young people to celebrate each other's works and to share their own.

Pipe Up and Youngblood Poets are all about showing the world that the stereotype is wrong. They're about making the world see and listen and acknowledge.

Take your passion. Make it public. Be proud.

Whatever creative talent you've got, share it with the world.

Helpful Stuff

  • Local creative arts networks eg: slam poetry orgs
  • Identify whether you need any tools for creating your piece eg : voice or video recorder, art supplies, a website or blog domain name
  • Identify what you're passionate about and the message you want to share with the world. It might be what makes you angry, or the thing that you can't not do when you wake up in the morning. Whatever it is that gives you purpose and meaning, say it. Make it. Do it.
  • Need some funding? Apply for Propeller funding
  • Australian Poetry Slam
  • Most states have a community arts network

Thank You