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VIC 3124
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The Story

We've all seen one of the cheesy American TV shows where the main characters are the star journalists of the high school newspaper. It's the stuff 90210 and The Gilmore Girls are made of.

This was part of the reason Sonja got the feeling that she'd like to start a student newspaper at her school. And she's not afraid to admit it.

Seriously though, Sonja and Ash teamed up to make their ideas of student voice and community participation a reality. They started the Camberwell High School (CHS) Extra; it's written and run entirely by students, and features the things they want to hear about.

The CHS Extra team wanted to send two messages:

Firstly, print isn't dead. People still read and they still write. And they don't only do it on the internet.

Secondly, young people can be a part of this. Although society seems obsessed with the high proportion of young people sending text messages, tweeting and posting photos and info on Instagram and Facebook, they're still interested in the stuff that goes down on paper.

Now the students at CHS know what's going on in their school and they get to have their opinions heard. Whether it's about the best trending videos on Youtube or the School Captain elections, there's a place for every conversation.

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