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Advocacy & Politics

The Story

Not everyone wakes up in the morning feeling like they're a 'change the world' type. And that's okay.

Michael isn't school captain. He doesn't volunteer after school or go to rallies on the weekend. But that doesn't mean that he doesn't care about things.

Like plenty of 15 year olds, Mickey loves football. He loves the game and the history. The loyalty and the contained aggression. But he doesn't love it at the expense of other young people's human rights.

When Michael heard that the footies his football club were using were potentially made using child labour overseas, he didn't feel good about it. So, with the support of Change.org, he started a petition asking the AFL and NRL to look into whether or not the footballs they were using were ethical.

Lots of people supported the idea and the call to action eventually ended up in the newspaper. As a result, the AFL and NRL put pressure on their footy provider, Summit, to hold an investigation into the use of child labour in their production processes.

All in all, a pretty big change from the guy who had never considered himself a 'change the world type.'


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