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NSW 2142
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The Story

Even the most saintly individual can turn into a monster when the 'hanger' (hunger/anger) strikes. And it's even worse when you're a teenage boy starting the school day without enough to eat.

There were parts of the culture at Granville High School that both the students and the teachers could see needed changing. There was a stabbing on school grounds and, particularly in the morning, tensions were high.

A group of students took a pretty common sense approach and decided that if the students weren't hungry, and if they had somewhere comfy at school to hang out with each other, teachers and parents, they'd be making a big difference.

That's where Pulse Café came in. From a small start with only a $500 coffee machine, they've now got a fully operational school café, run entirely by students, and serving up what they reckon are the best milkshakes in the state.

While everyone involved had the feeling they were onto something special, nobody predicted what a huge change this café would make to Granville's culture.

Use a cup of coffee to change the culture of your school.

Helpful Stuff

  • Think about what changes you can make to create a positive culture in your school
  • Find a supportive teacher or parent at your school and build a team
  • Make it happen
  • Fundraising tips
  • Need some funding? Apply for Propeller funding

Thank You

  • Nerissa Rodriguez, Principal Linda O'Brien and Granville Boys High School