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Mental & Physical Health

The Story

Tiana's best friend committed suicide when she was 15.

'What if..?' were the words that occupied Tiana's mind for months after Shae's death. She asked herself again and again what she could've done differently to catch her friend before it was too late.

Tiana didn't want anyone else to go through the feeling of being left behind in the way that she did so she started the Alive campaign.

She saw that there was lots of funding and research going into how to treat and support people who had identified their risk of suicide, but not as much for those who hadn't yet. Tiana identified the seven signs of suicide, had them signed off on by mental health experts and printed them on easy-to-read business cards.

Tiana spends her free time handing out the cards at local events and shopping centres; talking to people about how to recognise suicide risk in their loved ones.

But now it's something bigger. Anyone can buy Tiana's cards online and distribute them.

Know the signs, share them, catch people at risk of suicide before it's too late.

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