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The Story

The freedom and joy you feel when you ride a bike is one thing. But the added satisfaction you get from riding a bike you've made with your own hands is just something else entirely.

That 'magic' was what drove Pat to get involved in the Dismantle Bike Project. He wanted other people to know the feeling, especially people who might be struggling a bit.

Dismantle's flagship program 'The Bike Rescue Project' gets 10 young people together for 10 weeks. They're all kids who aren't engaging with any other education or employment.

The spend the first five weeks each taking apart a rusty old bike, showing it some TLC, putting it back together and ultimately donating the new and improved product to charity. Then they do the whole thing again, but this time they get to keep the bike themselves. Pat says initially the group are never really convinced that the pile of junk they see in front of them will ever be transformed into something useful.

The process of recycling a bike and giving it to someone else, or keeping it for yourself, is quite like the transformative process the young people go through when they really engage with Dismantle.

It's about figuring out where you're at and where you're going. It's about building capacity and realising each individual's potential.

The best part is, it's all done around a bicycle.

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