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The Story

Ah, the ocean. That big, blue, beautiful thing. It's soaked with memories of beach times and fishing trips and battles with the waves. Some would say that it's at the very heart of our Australian identity.

And yet, for all the sea has given us, sometimes we are not so kind. In exchange for beauty and inspiration, we fill it with cigarette butts and tin cans. In exchange for food and fun, we choke it with plastic bottles and bags. And, though they roar, these waves are defenseless.

This injustice has inspired a motley crew of students at Pine Rivers State High School to launch Sea Savers, a forum to inspire conversations about ocean conservation.

They're all a bunch of water rats - lovers of snorkelling and kayaking and swimming out til they can't see the shore. And they've been moved by the rubbish that litters their local beaches. Why? Because, as Corey says, “it's only there because we put it there.”

Yes they're blue with sadness, but they're also red with anger, and they're ready to make some noise. They believe that, with little steps, our generation can overcome anything. So they’re calling all of us to arms.

What makes you sad? What makes you angry? Are you ready to fight for something bigger than yourself? Then start something.

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