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The Story

When you first arrive here on earth, you don't ask for permission to express yourself. You just do it. You wield crayons like you're Picasso. You dance in shopping centres. Sometimes you even burst into song.

So what happens along the way? We start looking for permission. Maybe it's a visual arts degree or a record deal or a certain job title. Whatever the box, if our credentials don't quite fit, we end up snuffing our own creative spark.

Fortnightly Fort Night exists to help you reclaim your creativity. Launched in 2012 by two mates, Lachy and Al, the series of gatherings seeks to offer a space where anyone can share their secret (or not so secret) talent with a crazily supportive audience.

The concept is super simple - rally a mismatched crowd at an abandoned location, build a fort out of whatever materials you can find and then exchange a series of impromptu performances.

The performances can be pretty much anything. Some highlights have included live drawings, circus acts and teen diary readings. One guy even made a smoothie live on stage. It's all about giving it a go - whether you’re Mick Jagger or it's your first time getting up in front of a crowd.

At Fortnightly Fort Night, it's not about polished, perfect stage shows. It's about uncovering the raw creativity in all of us. The only box you need to tick is whether or not you've brought a box to build with.

We’re all born creative. So don’t wait for permission. Start something.

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