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NSW 2209
Sports & Outdoor

The Story

The young women of Beverly Hills are feeling sporty.

Not in Hollywood, but the glamour of Sydney’s southern suburbs, a local high school is the scene of a community development revolution.

Vanessa and her mate Keasha started the Just for Kicks program because they wanted people to be able to participate in sport during lunch breaks and after school. In the program’s first week there were just five participants. But every week, the crew grew. From five to fifteen. From fifteen to twenty five.

Just for Kicks emphasises, not only positive physical expression and a good relationship with your body, but also emotional wellbeing.

The ever expanding group starts its time together each week by sitting down and sharing stories of the three best things they experienced that week, as well as the worst three.

Raghda says hanging out with these young women is special to her because it means meeting new people from different backgrounds and cultures.

"It creates a sense of unity," she says.

Vanessa is certain that Just for Kicks, and sport more generally, has something for everyone. Everyone’s welcome.

"Even if you only run to the fridge, you're still lappin' everyone on the couch."

Helpful Stuff

  • Start a sports group that gets together, just for fun.
  • If your school doesn’t have a Sports Captain, maybe you could be the first one and start a Just For Kicks program.
  • Is there a way that your local sports club could provide opportunities for those who can’t afford to participate? What ideas can you come up with?
  • Need some funding to buy some sports gear for your program? Apply for Propeller funding

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