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The Story

Community Outreach Initiative is pretty much The Block for social good.

A group of volunteers brought together by the Lord Somers Camp and Power House organisation, the 'COI' team runs a huge fundraising campaign every year, to raise buckets of cash to help out another community group in need.

In the past, they've renovated an inner-city facility for people experiencing homelessness, addiction and disadvantage. They've travelled to the bush to help flood victims rebuild their homes, lives and communities. They've been featured in TV media and had the backing of celebrities.

This year was all about giving some TLC to the Casa Pallotti site in Millgrove, Vic. Casa Pallotti is a non-profit campsite that exists to provide a place for the development of youth, families and the wider community. It's a much loved, safe space. But it was starting to look a little shabby.

Most of the Community Outreach Initiative volunteers aren't builders or painters, but they rolled up their sleeves anyway and gave the site a pretty fancy makeover. And we reckon they did a pretty good job.

For more than 24 hours, the team didn't really rest. They sanded and painted. They swept and dug. They demolished and rebuilt. They sang and ate and bonfired.

And they did good.

Helpful Stuff

  • Is your school, community group, church, or sports club in need of a fresh coat of paint or larger scale renovation? Ask if help is needed.
  • The "project" doesn't need to be a huge deal. Noticing your elderly neighbour's garden needs weeding and finding 5 friends to help is community outreach!
  • Look for projects that match the strengths of your group and also provide new challenges so volunteers can learn new skills.
  • Make it fun for those volunteering.
  • When the project is finished, always thank those who support you.
  • If you are going to fundraise make sure you can demonstrate to people the legitimacy of your work, before and after.
  • Need some funding? Apply for Propeller funding

Thank You