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ACT 2612

The Story

Bins aren't exactly the pinnacle of glamour, and hangin' out with waste isn't synonymous with 'cool'. Most people aren’t too keen to get their hands dirty.

But after Micky watched 'An Inconvenient Truth', the ground-breaking documentary about the dangers of global warming, she decided that it was time for her to make a difference, in a good way.

Along with her co-founder Ali, Micky has set up a thorough waste, paper and recycling bin system throughout her entire school. Not only does it ensure as much of the school's waste as possible is sent into recycling, the system also sets up good recycling patterns in students, patterns that will hopefully last a lifetime.

Merici College, Ali and Micky's home turf, has also taken a cracked, old concrete basketball court and turned it into a beautiful, thriving veggie garden. The garden now provides delicious produce for the school and helps the community take another step toward becoming self-sustaining.

It's a simple but amazing self-fulfilling cycle at Merici. From seed to harvest; from school veggie patch to the school canteen. The scraps feed the chickens and the chickens lay eggs to feed the people who fed them. Waste is recycled and recycling systems are consistently monitored and improved.

Now they've dealt with managing waste efficiently, Ali and Micky are now turning their attention to an even bigger issue; how to stop so much waste coming in, in the first place.

Watch this space.

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