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NSW 2200
Advocacy & Politics

The Issue

Lifemode aims to increase self-efficacy within young people, specifically in the fields of education, sports and skill development. Not everyone can be first in their class, the sports captain or school captain. However, each young person deserves recognition for their work and unique academic or sporting accomplishments. Even social activities as this plays an integral role in future development and encourages young people to continue studying and advancing their skill-sets. Once completing their chosen level of education, young people will find that when applying for jobs, furthering study, joining certain communities and social groups that they will be measured by their previous achievements. Whether it be related to their chosen field, like a bachelors degree or a social group with unique benefits to their job such as Toast Masters.

The Response

Lifemode.com is a unique piece of web-based software that allows generation of achievements by its users. Other users can participate in these achievements and eventually receive the achievement upon completion of the set criteria, awarded by the achievement creator. A simple example could be a teacher setting up weekly achievements for completing homework, and reward them to students who do so. Over the period of a school term, a student can accumulate each weeks achievements as proof of consistent work. This can be furthered by the teacher allowing students to show that to the teacher to receive a further "Star Student" achievement for completing every single week. Important of note is that teachers, however, do not see everything that makes a young person unique. That is often observed and acknowledged by their peers and this is where Lifemode has the greatest possible impact. The ability for young people to create achievements for the things they are passionate about, not just academically. Young people can become community leaders just by creating achievements for others to earn and for those that do not want to lead, a database of activities to complete set by their friends, mentors and peers. Achievements for taking part in local sports teams together, getting their first job or going to a concert together and discovering they share the same taste in music. All of this is share-able and can inspire their peers to do the same. We are already talking to teachers and students alike, getting their input as we continue developing. Our plan is to talk to student groups ranging from early high school to university social groups and getting them involved. Targeting community leaders and hopefully creating some too, encouraging them to get their peers and mentors involved with what they are passionate about and start improving young peoples self-efficacy.
Project image Created by Michael