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VIC 3056

The Story

Abandoned carparks, graffitied train carriages, dingy alleyways. The Imprint team thinks these unlikely spots are some of the best places to bring communities together.

Imprint is a 'place-making' group based in Brunswick, in Melbourne's vibrant inner- north. If you've never heard of a 'place making' group, you're probably not the only one.

Basically, the young legends on the Imprint team live and work by the motto, "there's not any bad places, it's just people's perceptions." They see themselves as the 'elves behind the scenes' taking the spaces that others have overlooked and forgotten, and breathing into them new life.

They act as facilitators between the community and local council, helping to ensure that all voices are heard and that public space is put to use in a way that benefits as many people as possible.

Place-making, they say, isn't just about place, it's about people; recognising that places can be whatever we choose to make them and that they are made special by the memories we hold there.

Helpful Stuff

  • Get a team of people together who want to create a change in your community. Is there anyone doing something similar? Could you work with them?
  • Research. If you've got your eye on a particular space, ask around council, local business owners etc. to find out who has responsibility for the space. Find out who the stakeholders are.
  • Ideas. What ideas for change have you got? Find out if your community supports this change through consultation (the resources below will help with this). Perhaps you could organise a temporary pop up event. If so, its a good idea to invest in a few key items you can reuse for future events.
  • Support. Take your ideas to the community including your local council. Find out what might require approval, permits or what activities/ideas you already have the green light on.
  • Introduce a Place Manager role or group at your school who can organise school-based placemaking projects.
  • Need some funding for your project? Apply for Propeller funding
  • Rapid Urban Revitalisation Toolkit
  • Lighter quicker cheaper: Transform your public spaces
  • Parking Day: Reclaim your city!
  • Tactical Urbanism: Short term action. Long term change.

Thank You

  • The Imprint crew - Regina, Sinead, Bo, Kobi, Helen & Kieren
  • Diego & Ellie, Acustico Cafe
  • William Coogan, Place Manager, Brunswick at Moreland City Council