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Arts & Culture

The Story

Sadock has fit a lot into his relatively short life.

Born in the East African nation of Burundi, Sadock spent most of his childhood in a refugee camp in Tanzania with his family who had left their home country to avoid civil conflict.


When he moved to Australia, he says he experienced mixed reactions.

"Some people avoid you, sometimes they pick on you… But some other people just take you as who you are as a person."

It was in his new home of Wollongong, on the NSW coast, that Sadock really started to feel a passion for dancing.

He met his buddy Tonto and they started dancing together in their street. With a bit of help from Monique (a local youth worker), the boys started designing and delivering their own brand of breakdance workshops and taking it to young people all over town.

Sadock says it's not just about the dancing, but that the workshops make people feel they have somewhere they belong, somewhere they can get inspired, and more importantly, inspire themselves.

"Dance is an international language,"Sadock says.

"There's magic in dancing."

Helpful Stuff

  • What are you passionate about? How could you use that to include or connect people?
  • Have fun, make friends, get fit. Join a dance class in your local area. Or start your own!
  • If you're interested in finding out more about refugees and asylum seekers and creating a culture of welcome in Australia, below are some interesting links to check out.
  • Welcome to Australia: For those who've come across the seas.
  • The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre provides services and advocacy for asylum seekers.
  • UNHCR: Australians supporting the UN Refugee Agency.
  • Go Back to Where you Came From: Australians agree to challenge their preconceived notions about refugees and asylum seekers.
  • Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Exploring the cirucmstances and decisions that lead someone to become a 'boat person'.
  • See what Multipride is doing to combat racism and bullying in their school.
  • Check out the practical way Marziya is supporting women from refugee backgrounds: The English Tea Project
  • Need some funding to start your own project? Apply for Propeller funding

Thank You

  • Monique Bolus & SCARF
  • Dapto High School