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TAS 7053
Mental & Physical Health

The Story

'Does my bum look big in these jeans?' 'Am I tall enough?' 'Is my skin bad?'

Who knows? Who cares! Screw it – let's tear it up and tear down our insecurities and body image issues.

Worrying about your appearance is something we can all relate to – and with 75% of girls wishing they were skinnier and one in five guys rating looks as their number one concern – we sure are a worried bunch!

But if we all feel the same way about our bodies – some bits are good and some bits not so good – why do we let it get us down?

Brooke from Tassie decided to do something about it. She's speaking up and getting her mates together to talk about body image issues – and it's safe to say she's killin' it (her words, not ours). She's asking people to name their fears and their body image concerns and then tear it up.

So go on, give yourself a break. And join the movement to spread the good vibes.

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