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NSW 2450
Arts & Culture

The Issue

My name is Brittany Lee, I’m 15 years old and I’ve been living a vintage inspired lifestyle for 7 years now. The olden days has always struck a chord inside of me and the only way to cure this false nostalgia was to take myself back there, minus the time machine of course! (pfftt... details!) It all started because I dared to be different, and now I dare YOU to take the challenge too! You don’t need to dress vintage but as long as you’re true to yourself then you’ve succeeded. Go on, take the risk! Why is it that once fashion is over something, everyone else is to? One answer: because those people follow crowds, and crowd followers are not true to themselves!

The Response

Ok, so here is what I want you to do! Snap a pic of you doing something that is true to you and to you exclusively! Maybe you are rocking out a cute little vintage dress? Or maybe sweet lolita is your thing? Anything is cool as long as it’s you! Now hashtag it on instagram to #daretobeyoudaretobeme and joint the movement! Together we can break away from the Pop Culture to be true to ourselves and inspire others to do the same! Lets show the world how diverse we really are, because, well... you really are that great!!
Created by Brittany