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NSW 2088
Arts & Culture

The Issue

The issue is self-deprecation and the fact that young people get so caught up in the stress and pressures of school that they forget to take the time to love themselves and their friends; to be patient; to be creative; to reflect. In this world of incessant beeps and buzzes, we are consumed by the instantaneous messages that fly through cyberspace to the screens that we read. We forget about the power of the written letter; thoughtfully composed, sincerely signed and sealed to keep in the light.

The Response

Over the past few years, I have had a few correspondences with friends, locally, interstate and overseas. It is remarkable how the arrival of an envelope can fill you with such a bubbling sense of excitement that lasts for the duration of the day. I love that feeling. I want to give people that feeling, especially those that I love. I therefore take on the challenge to write a letter every day for one year. I have already started the project, and I have been documenting everything on a blog (without names and addresses for confidentiality reasons) so that I can keep track of the progress. www.lettersforthebetter.wordpress.com As a result, I have received many replies and I have gained new pen friends. Additionally, I have created a section on the blog (in the 'about' page) where an individual has the option of giving me the address of a friend who they feel could use a bit of sunshine (aka a letter). Some people may reply, some may not, but the sunshine will be spread regardless of the outcome and that is all that I can wish for.
Project image Created by Nicky