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WA 6108
Arts & Culture

The Issue

Artist struggle. Graphix aims to bring the popular culture together through art culture, through a culture which we are all a part of, from music, to fashion to visual art, via a digital and social experience.

The Response

To solve this issue, Graphix aims to publish an application/website/social media that allows artsists, musicians/bands, designers and all who follow to publish their creations, events, information and media. While also allowing general users to interact with this content, purchasing and sharing it with their friends. How many times do we buy new clothes or new music and want to share it with our friends? How many times have we wanted to store and support that indie singer we heard busking in the street via our phone? Graphix solves all this, Graphix defines a culture, Graphix is a limitless platform that will entertain the world.
Project image Created by Harrison