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ACT 2913
Mental & Physical Health

The Issue

Mental health is important to everyone of all ages. "Young people who experience mental health problems and disorders are at a higher risk of poor health and wellbeing outcomes. Mental health problems affect a person‘s capacity to participate in their usual activities such as schooling, working and socialising. In addition they can lead to a young person being vulnerable to increased substance use, poor relationships, increased delinquency, antisocial behaviours and poor self-esteem. Results from the ACT General Health Survey indicate that over the period 2007-09, 14.7% of people aged between 16 and 25 years reported to have been diagnosed with a mental health condition in the 12 months prior to interview. " LIFELINE CANBERRA ANSWERS OVER 25,000 CRISIS SUPPORT AND SUICIDE PREVENTION CALLS EVERY YEAR. It is part of a national network, Lifeline Australia. I aim to raise money for Lifeline Canberra.

The Response

Mental health and mental illness are areas which I am very pationate about improving the current health system. I am coordinating and hosting an event called "Mind the Gap". Mind the Gap is a variety night which will showcase local Canberran talent; dancers, actors, writers, musicians, film makers etc. A range of acts have already been confirmed and they are predominantly male youth who are participating. This event aims to raise much needed funds for Lifeline Canberra. I have developed it in association with Lifeline Canberra's '44 Days of Fundraising' Campaign. 100% of the proceeds from the event goes straight to Lifeline. The money for the Venue, and for public liability insurance etc. is all coming from my personal pocket. I am a trained Lifeline volunteer and trained Headspace volunteer and a full time student at the ANU. Unfortunately I have hardly any funds to put into this project. Also, at the moment, all youth participants are volunteers, however I would love to be able to fund them for their time. This way, Lifeline could be directly supported, and so could proactive youth in the ACT community who are struggling themselves. Mind the Gap will only make a small contribution to Lifeline and to youth mental health, though I am hoping that it will be enough to make some kind of a difference to someone's life. I hope this makes sense, please feel free to contact me on U5011655@anu.edu.au if you have any questions etc.
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