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VIC 3000
Technology & Innovation

The Story

We've all heard the ol' chestnut that technology is ruining humanity; that hand shakes will soon be replaced by screen swipes, smiles ditched for 'likes' and our general care for one another, swallowed up in the abyss.

But what if we took the amazing power of the interwebs and used it for good?

That's exactly what the Hey Buddy team did when they signed up for the Adappt program and dreamed up the Hey Buddy app.

The Hey Buddy motto is simple: Everyone's your buddy, you just don't know it yet.

It's about providing people with a place where they can ask for help when they need it, and offer help when they've got the time or resources to solve a problem.

Hey Buddy was born when Nat locked her keys in the car and a kindly stranger helped her out. Pretty simple huh.

Check out the Hey Buddy app here and if you've got an idea of your own that you reckon could make a great app, head to adappt.com.au to get started.

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