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Some of the great projects we've been involved in so far

Being a good mate starts with one simple question

Suicide is the leading cause of death amongst young Australians and it can be up to five times higher within indigenous communities. Suicide is a complex topic that affects everyone differently, but Will believes there are simple ways to prevent things from going too far.

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Country kid changes small town stereotypes

Arno Bay has a population of just 220 people. Dayna has lived there her whole life and says she's probably related to half the people in town. Dayna's proud to be a young woman from the country but there was one thing about life in Arno Bay that wasn't sitting right with her.

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Get marching for the planet

Bins aren't exactly the pinnacle of glamour, and hangin' out with waste isn't synonymous with 'cool'. Most people aren’t too keen to get their hands dirty.

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How To Talk About Depression If You Ask 'R U OK?' & The Answer Is 'Nope'

Tiana's best friend committed suicide when she was 15. 'What if..?' were the words that occupied Tiana's mind for months after Shae's death.

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Inspiring Indigenous Australians Changing The Face Of A Nation

When they were 16, Jane and her friends would ride the trains all night, aimless. Most evenings it was the transit officers vs the kids. The kids wanted to see how far they could push. It was a game. The transit officers say they were just doing their jobs, but the young indigenous community felt they were unfairly targeted. Power imbalance defined the relationship, until they had an idea to change the game.

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Poertryisnotdead slam poetry grant

From the outside it might look a bit dorky for a teenager to be into poetry. It might seem a bit quiet and gentle, a bit soft to always be talking, reading and writing about your feelings and other peoples'. It might not be cool to share that stuff with the people around you.

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The 18 year old beauty blogger who decided to be honest about her less-than-perfect life

'Does my bum look big in these jeans?' 'Am I tall enough?' 'Is my skin bad?' Who knows? Who cares! Screw it – let's tear it up and tear down our insecurities and body image issues.

The School Newspaper Project

We've all seen one of the cheesy American TV shows where the main characters are the star journalists of the high school newspaper. It's the stuff 90210 and The Gilmore Girls are made of.

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Using Basketball to Fight against Depression

Amelia is Aiden's best friend. His rock. His confidant. His cheerleader, comedian and buddy. You know how important it is to have one of these people in your world. One day Aiden called Amelia for a chat. But she didn't answer. Amelia's mum told Aiden that Amelia had attempted suicide.

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What We Can Learn From A Group Of Students Helping To Stamp Out Racism

When Habib came to Australia he experienced things no person should ever experience; racism and bullying.

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